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31 December 2013 @ 02:05 pm
Agony Aunt meme  
I thought I'd play too.

Ask any character I've written/played in any system or fiction for advice, and they will provide it, advice columnist style. Your problems or fictional characters' problems both welcome. Management is not responsible for the results of following said advice.
Emma MacGuyverhelbling on December 31st, 2013 03:11 pm (UTC)
Dear Barel,

Having now become the arch hydromancer you are, looking back, do you think your decision to join the tower was correct, or would you have joined the circle instead?

Pensive, The Gutter.

cheekychipmunkcheekychipmunk on December 31st, 2013 04:06 pm (UTC)
Dear Pensive,

Whilst there are some things I do regret about my time as a patrolee, joining the Tower when it formed is not one of them. I've always found the community and the mentality comforting, and I wouldn't be the person I am without the influences and focus they have provided me.

It's possible you ask because you are having similar thoughts about your own choices? If so, it's worth trying to think about what it is you think would be better if you had chosen differently, and what you can do in the here and now to work towards your goals. Changing the past is fraught, but changing the future for the better is definitely achievable - and believe me, I speak from direct experience on that!

Good luck,
Aunt Barel
magicaddictmagicaddict on December 31st, 2013 05:02 pm (UTC)
Dear Auntie Chanilsa,

I'm considering learning another language - which would you recommend I start with?

Monolingual, Temple of Freedom Novice Quarters


Dear Auntie Tully,

How many shiny things is too many? I currently have one hundred and ninety-two shiny things, but am worried that I won't be able to store them anywhere safe. Any suggestions?

Compulsively Hoarding, No Fixed Abode


Dear Auntie Barel,

My idiot big brother is trying to convince me to join the Tower of Fire. Can you provide me with a definitive, decisive put down in favour of the Tower of Water that will shut him up until the end of time?

Fire in Heart, Not in Hand, Northern Forests
cheekychipmunkcheekychipmunk on January 2nd, 2014 04:58 pm (UTC)
Dear Monolingual,
That's a really good question - so many opportunities become available to you when you can read or speak more than one language.

The short answer - because the long answer would take up more space than I'm allowed - is to pick something that has a good mix of usefulness and personal interest. That way, you have double motivation to keep going if it becomes difficult.

In my case, I've learnt to translate all of the rune sets used by the temples - which was really interesting, looking at all of the similarities and differences, specifically in the shift through the paths (Justice through Life to Freedom was especially interesting to me, because I have a huge amount of respect for Justice followers and their discipline, and the structure that they use in their temple runes is fascinating)... where was I?

Oh yes, recommendations... Well, as I said, it will really depend on personal interest, but good luck with it, and don't give in too easily; it's really worth the work!

Auntie Chan


Dear Compulsively Hoarding,

If it's shiny things for the sake of shiny things, there's no such thing as too many. Just accept that you'll lose some and find some, and appreciate each one for what it is.

If the shiny things have value for you, then too many is more than you can safely carry on you, which is probably more than you think (especially if you've got people you trust with you to help you watch your back).

If your travelling takes you through the same place on a semi regular basis, may be worth setting up a safe box there - prefereably with a local priest of Justice who's on the level. They're kind sorts who'll help a person out, and their sense of honour means the shiny things will be safe.

Hope that helps

Aunt Tully


Dear Fire in Heart,

If your idiot big brother is doing this out of a misguided sense of helping, it may be worth explaining that you know your mind and your plans, and you don't need help making this choice.

If it's out of a sense of knowing best, you could always try asking if he's fully thought through the consequences of forcing the training of an angry Pyromancer with a reason to be mad at him specifically?

Alternatively, you could point out the comparative range of abilities between the two schools; water is, at the end of the day, far more versatile than fire.

I hope that's some help to you; feel free to drop into the Tower to visit if you need any more help.

Auntie Barel

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