My Little Corner of Insanity

Pull up a cushion and make yourself comfortable!

22 July 1985
First and foremost - I'm useless at diaries! However, I'm going to do my best with this.

I doubt anyone will be reading this who doesn't already know me, but the general disclaimer is probably in order, just in case - I'm crazy. There, that was quick and painless wasn't it?

Right, details... I'm an actress, a writer, a poet... you do realise when I say I *am* what I mean is I do these things and would LOVE to be a professional, don't you? You do? Good, I'd hate to be done for false advertising.
What I actually *am* is a Chemistry graduate working in insurance - go figure. However, a fair bit of my time is spent pursuing my more artistic interests, and other general methods of procrastination.

I hope no-one's still reading this, hoping to learn anything interesting about me... you'd have better luck looking in the entries (assuming I write some :-S). In fact, I refuse to write any more here. Shoo, off with you!


*is made of bees*

One of the last genuinely nice people out there. Also cute, bouncy and a demon in disguise.

Keep on dreaming, never let the sparkle die. You're an amazing person, a sensitive friend, and a beautiful woman (even if you don't see it in yourself).

Bedaki ^_^

Oh, and I've added an interest for every letter of the alphabet... a bit of a struggle, but I managed it with minimum cheating!